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CAAM Volunteer Application

Events Committee
Fundraising Committee
Membership Committee
Ethics Committee
Education Committee
Legal Committee
Professional Committee
Volunteering Committee
Marketing Committee
Supporting Events
Online Content Production or Posting


Submission of this form does not guarantee acceptance by the CAAM Volunteer Committee. Once the application is processed, you will be contacted by a CAAM representative, within 30-days from the date you submit your application.


You will also be required to sign additional documents before serving as a volunteer for CAAM.


Approval of this application is within CAAM’s sole and absolute discretion;
If this application is approved, such approval shall be for a one-year period ending one year from the date CAAM grants such approval;
The approval may be terminated earlier pursuant to CAAM’s rules, regulations or other standards then in effect
I hereby authorize CAAM, in its sole discretion, to perform and/or request criminal history checks and other background investigations to verify any and all information provided in connection with thi
I understand that discovery of false information in or related to this application, or of relevant criminal history, may result in denial or termination of this application, my services as a volunteer
All statements, answers and representations made in this application and/or in any supplementary materials are true, accurate and complete.
I do not expect to receive any type of compensation for the volunteer services I provide to CAAM;

Before submitting this form, please create a CAAM login name and password. Your password must be at least eight characters long, and contain at least one number.

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